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What is Omega Corps?
Omega Corps is an Electro-Acoustic Reproduction Design Firm tailoring to the design of extremely high performance Delivery/Loudspeaker Systems in the Commercial Audio Industry. Omega Corps is privately funded via select contract product users who drive the design of product to a higher level of performance in aspects of both Performance & Versatility. Due to its circumstance and financial status, Omega-Corps give little regard to marketing to public user for financial gain. Omega Corps is driven by a Co-op of concentrated talent of which has tremendous knowledge and experience un-like that of typical "manufacture to market" products. Omega Corps has no driven need to sell product or meet any quota of sales to validate its existence. Omega Corps mere presence itself is a success. Omega Corps was created to provide the end user a simpler and more effective means and tools to do a job.

The world market is saturated with high quality Pro-Audio products. All the best revered manufacturers have the pieces to the puzzle but simply cannot make them all fit to make a concise image. Omega Corps is about making the many pieces work as a system and making a superior product that fills the end users needs by eliminating the number of product lines needed to provide full scale production for High Level Concert, Corporate, Rental, and Installation. By focusing on having versatile products Omega Corps is able to focus more design emphasis on each product as opposed to having 100 useless models in its product line and then attempt to maintain support for all those products. There is elegance in simplicity. There is also sophistication in complexity. Knowing where to draw the line between the two is where the majority fail. In today's market it should be a "given" that all major manufacturers are capable of producing great sounding products that audibly meet the needs of the end user. The proverbial fight of "this sounds better than this" is now to a minute level of subjectivity. . What is not left to subjectivity or opinion is the design of a systems mechanical feature and how it performs with matters such as, power configurations, mechanical configurations, and transport methods, wear and abuse resistance, cabling configurations, rigging assemblies and most importantly versatility and how the product fills a niche for the user. It is in the opinion of Omega Corps that the product simply speaks for its self. If you are easily influenced and persuaded by industry "popular opinion" from users who base opinion on what they read and not what they hear or use, then Omega Corps is most likely not for you. If you are looking for true "Audio Solutions", then you will discover that is what Omega Corps is about.